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Opportunity Title : VCD-Dairy/2021/01 Funding Window

aBi Opportunity Description

VCD-Dairy/2021/01 Funding Window
aBi Development Ltd invites applications from eligible applicants for partnership and implementation of projects under the Dairy Funding Window titled “Increasing milk production and productivity of smallholder dairy farmers in South Western Uganda, Central Uganda and Rwenzori Region”. This is in line with our development goal; Improved profitability, income and employment of Ugandan farmers and agribusinesses.

Guide for writing a concept note

The concept note for an aBi project should relate to a published aBi opportunity for funding.

It should summarize the aspects for an entire project proposal, without specifying intricate project details. The concept note will be reviewed by an aBi staff member who is an experienced grant making expert, and, in agreement with the relevant senior manager, decide whether to invite the interested party to make a full application.

The concept note should address the following aspects of the proposed project:

  1. Clearly titled with a reference to an aBi published opportunity.
  2. An identified problem to be addressed within the agri-business / agri-finance sector within Uganda.
  3. Justification and need for intervention.
  4. Make reference to research proving the proposed intervention will have an impact.
  5. Identify beneficiary groups.
  6. Summarize the key tools used for identifying and proving impact.
  7. Reference the existing capacity and proven success of the organization interested in this project.
  8. Reference the organizations own assets that will be allocated/committed to the project.
  9. Stipulate the budget for the project, separating the organization’s own contribution and the aBi Grant.
  10. Justify the level of sustainability the effects of the project will have for the future, beyond aBi funding.

Format – The format for the concept note should be a Microsoft word or PDF document, maximum 5 X A4 sides long.


This opportunity is no longer available.